Jodi is the type of person everyone needs on their team. I'm so grateful to have such an asset I can introduce to my clients. She makes everything so easy for those who have the pleasure of working with her. Thanks Jodi!

Damien Keller, District Manager at ADP Payroll Services

I've known and worked with Jodi for over six years and in that time she's been an indispensable consultant to my architecture practice. She was able to quickly organize the business and establish systems that have served us well since. I recommend Jodi highly and without reservations to anyone looking for an outside consultant to tackle areas like bookkeeping and office organization.

Mauricio Salazar, Owner, Salazar Architecture

Whenever I get involved in a project with ties to Jodi I get excited. I know I can count on her. From the moment she becomes involved the gears are turning. The work she does for clients is delivered on time if not early. She is always very direct and to the point, not wasting a dime of clients time or money. The quality of her projects, whether operations and compliance material, or financial documents leaves little to be corrected by anyone. She's a life saver. I highly recommend working with Jodi. You should be so lucky to rest your business in her hands.

Benjamin Mack, Financial Regulation Consultant, Compliance Matters

Jodi is an experienced, hardworking professional who brought high standards to her responsibilities as Director of Finance at Avoda Arts. She seamlessly managed all of our financial record-keeping needs – including payables, receivables, payroll, account reconciliations, cash management and employee benefits. Jodi’s work was consistent and thorough, her financial reporting clear and concise. She stands out as one of the most trustworthy, thoughtful and responsible people I know.

Debbie Krivoy, Executive Director, Avoda Arts

Jodi is an asset to our Firm. She comes in on a monthly basis to do bank recs and help us with our organizational needs. She is knowledgeable, punctual and very well versed in her craft. She is a pleasure to be around and gets along well with our staff.

Lisa Goldberg, Director of Operations, The Law Firm of Sadis & Goldberg